Commission piece

One of my great passions is bringing to life someone else’s creative concepts. In the past I have written music specifically for birthdays, funerals, exhibitions, choirs, films, adult puppet shows and performance pieces. I have also done arrangements of other peoples music. Visually I have painted with a specific palette in mind. I have drawn portraits and given them my own flair by adding different elements into the artwork. Cost of commission pieces vary depending on the nature of the project. No idea is too big or small.


I have vast and varied experience at many different forms of facilitation, including running group workshops in self-development, life-skills, art, music and yoga, as well as public speaking at seminars and conventions on a breadth of topics. I have taught privately for the past 20 years, ranging from conventional training techniques such as piano lessons, to exploring more diverse artistry, such as rap, audio editing, music software and composition.

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