• Bass Walk


    Behind corners — shadows climb walls
    Down smoky alleys — street lamps flicker
    Cat’s eyes and Femme Fatales
    Seduced by tropical charm
    Destroyed by charismatic lust

    Bass Walk is an excerpt from ‘A Dream Play’, a 3-hour long play that was performed at Grant St Theatre, Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) in 2009. ‘A Dream Play’ is a reflection of the tragedy of human existence and suffering.

    Lis was asked to create a sound design. Instead of using other people’s work, like many do when creating sound design, she composed her own from scratch – for the entire play, which included writing a Kyrie in 4 part harmony for the actors to sing live on stage. Not an easy feat.

    The use of repetition throughout Bass Walk’s slow tempo, makes it journey music. At various stages within the play, the same melody is altered throughout with an objective of bizarreness so that the theme of Bass Walk reappears.

    Without intention, the jazzy, sultry mystery and 1950’s edge of Bass Walk brings to mind a Noir film.

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    • Music Length: 00:10:45
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