• Burn City: Melbourne


    Succeed, Max Out, Over Drive — Repeat

    With its many physical layers, Burn City: Melbourne took a couple of months to complete. The painting is layered, in graffiti-like fashion, with Melbourne icons — a hot air balloon, an AFL football, the Eureka Tower plus a cityscape — all covered in tram-track lines and splotches of rain (homage to Melbourne’s famous weather).

    The hot air balloon (top right corner), a romantic and peaceful place where the whole stunning city can be absorbed, admired and seen for what it is — street art, architecture, footy fields, gardens, trams, wide open spaces alongside gridlocked traffic. Burn City: Melbourne is about it all.

    Melbourne is a colour-full city of vibrancy. Consider the ever-changing graffiti — one day there is an awesome tag adorning a wall, tunnel or fence, six months later someone paints over it with something completely different that can be equally amazing and sometimes not so incredible. Melbourne is full of unbelievable art as well as distasteful vandalism. Melbourne culture is all kinds of seasons.

    Product details:

    • Category: My Subconscious World
    • Size: Medium
    • Medium: Acrylic
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