• Dis-Ease


    dis- 1. Indicating: reversal; negation; removal

    –ease 2. Freedom from: pain; anxiety; difficulty; financial need

    disease 3. infection, imbalance, toxicity, illness, sickness, ailment; any harmful, depraved or morbid condition, as of the mind or society

    Dis-Ease is the absence of all comfort. The indiscriminate monster, plagued by mental conditioning; riddled with unwelcome sickness; a ruthless malady of the unloved mind, body and spirit.

    In a state of Dis-Ease, there is a poisonous whisper of temptation in the ear of the afflicted. The snake, seductive and venomous, spits out the lie that ‘this’ antidote of food, sex, love, work, exercise, fantasy, money, or other, will make you feel better.

    Damaged and suffering from Dis-Ease, and despite knowing that ‘this’ is probably not the best or most helpful course of action, sometimes the relentless hiss of the snake can overpower all logical thought. ‘This’ might ease my current state of suffering, despite the possible ramifications.

    Attempting to fill the void; trying to change that uncomfortable feeling; wanting to mask and colour a translucent body, but in the end, still being left with a hole…. the empty doughnut-shaped mouth. Desire is but brief and can never be gratified.

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    • Category: My Internal Persona
    • Size: Medium
    • Medium: Mixed: Acrylic & Pen
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