• Evolve


    Break(ing) free ~ Throw(ing) caution to the wind and fly(ing)

    Representative of change and rebirth, Evolve is a large, stunning work. Measuring 1.1 metres squared, it could either blend in or stand alone, in any environment. This elegant painting was so-named Evolve, because of the many versions the painting moved through; each and every new version painted over again, before finally stopping at the version you see here. Every single brush stroke was considered and had intent.

    The painting was Commissioned with the following instructions:
    • Soft
    • Simple
    • Blue and white

    The objective was to make it perfect, beautiful and serene. It kept evolving with a whole new fresh skin with each layer poured into it. It subtly moves from white to blue, with more light than dark. There is an edge, but it’s not sharp; it is soft, like rain.

    Although the finished product looks serene, it took a lot of pain to get there. There were many sleepless nights involved in the creation of this artwork. Evolve took more than one hundred painstaking hours to create. It was painted obsessively, to the point of near exhaustion and mania; the execution was an intense experience, to say the least. Were it not for the body’s survival instinct and eventual need for sleep, the brush would not have been put down. In the end, creating this painting became an ode to perfection. Evolve, tranquil and subtle, was the result.

    Product details:

    • Category: My Peacock Fetish
    • Size: Massive
    • Medium: Acrylic
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