• Heartbroken


    Womb is where the Heart is.

    Heart brokenness. Taboo Relationships. Passion. Voiced in the only form possible when unable to publicly grieve — through art.

    Heartbroken is expressing acute emotion. The image of pain and love and everything in between. Despite the female form not being considered in the creation of this piece, what resulted was a female torso with emphasis on the womb.

    The wounded feminine…
    The emotional body…
    The raw, internal places of inner wisdom, feminine power and intuition.
    The womb is the place that represents the sacral, or relationship, chakra. It is the ability to relate to other people.
    There is an equal balance between independence and dependence.
    Here is the power of individual choice, creativity, sensuality and intimate connection.

    Product details:

    • Category: My Subconscious World
    • Size: Substantial
    • Medium: Acrylic
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