• Kyrie: Dramatic


    Who goes there?
    The collective.

    Kyrie: Dramatic evokes mystery and fear of the unknown. The musical orchestration deliberately puts the listener on edge, imparting a sense of mistrust and danger. Beware! Watch your back. Be careful whom you trust.

    The prolonged organ, smashing drums and low-pitched horn (0:09) in Kyrie: Dramatic combine to craft theatrical thrill and suspense to this composition.

    Kyrie: Dramatic was written for a dramatic scene in the three-hour theatrical performance of ‘A Dream Play’ by The Victorian College of the Arts in 2009. Imagine actors on a stage in semi circle on an elevated platform with their backs to the audience. Synchronously they turn. Masked faces are revealed to the audience to the ominous tune of Kyrie: Dramatic.

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    • Category: Incidental Music
    • Music Length: 00:00:27
    • Instrument: Samples
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