• Mistakes make an Artist


    Cerebrum /’sɛrɪbrəm/:
    corpus callosum + sensory cortex + motor cortex + auditory cortex + prefrontal Cortex + hippocampus + nucleus accumbens + visual cortex + amygdala + cerebellum
    = the shape of thousands of hours of practice

    The background of Mistakes Make An Artist is like the 1,000 trillion synaptic connections in the brain and what the affects of music on the brain are.

    An artist such as a musician actualizes all of it. Different parts of the brain are all turned on at the same time. Everything is happening at once and everything is stimulated – all the different aspects, the melody, pitch, beats, composition, pace, mood, depth… And eventually, with practice, it becomes natural and able to flow freely… 2nd nature… part of the body’s cellular memory… unconscious, appearing as conscious.

    Mistakes Make An Artist is about allowing room for mistakes, rather than holding back out of fear of destroying what has already been achieved – it’s about the risks taken on the path to becoming a master.

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    • Category: My Internal Persona
    • Size: Substantial
    • Medium: Mixed: Acrylic & Pen
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