• Window

    The opportunities that present but don’t often get pursued.

    Do you see what I see?
    Does he see what we see?
    Do they see what she sees?
    We see through our own perspective, which is tinted with every experience and a lifetime of conditioning.
    Perception is based on life experience and social conditioning; what we’re taught to think is dependent on how and where we learn.  Their perception determines our perception.  The people we’re surrounded by affect our understanding, opinions, attitudes and even sense of self.
    The centre Window was intentionally left blank to allow the viewer to see whatever they see, to form their own impressions.  What they see will be based on what they’ve learned and experienced, which in turn has been based on what others have learned and experienced… And so the cycle continues…
    Window is drawn with perspective and lines — even glossed to add new perspective.

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    • Category: My Subconscious World
    • Size: Substantial
    • Medium: Acrylic
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