• Zonda: Andean Mountain Girl

    Wise old innocence – Embodied in your childhood – Only these mountains can tell the tale of your many life times.

    The subject, a five-year-old girl from the Andes in Peru – a remote place of high altitude where not many people pass through. Her face was ageless, her energy timeless and her presence and piercing gaze wise beyond her years – undoubtedly an old soul.
    The first Oil painting in Lis Viggers’ collection was painted in collaboration with her mother.  The idea was a lesson in how to use oil paints and the different ways to paint. What eventuated was a lesson in acceptance.
    At that time, Lis’ style was to throw the paint on and get it done, while her mother’s was meticulous, with each stroke to detailed perfection. Each had to accept the others style in order to finish the painting.  A true joint effort.

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    • Category: My Vivid Portraits
    • Size: Medium
    • Medium: Oil
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